“How Do I Measure Discipleship?”

Wednesday is for Thinking

The Call to DiscipleshipSometime back, a friend (thanks Mike) and campus pastor of another church asked this question: (Mike’s words in blue)

“Hey guys I’d like a little input. Our pastoral team here at ___________ is discussing,

“How to measure our effectiveness of making disciples? (beyond Sunday attendance, offerings and buildings). How do you measure your campus/church effectiveness?”

He went on and issued a challenge:

“… how do you measure it? Do you just count the people who are making disciples in the church?”

It’s a very good question. How do you measure whether anything you are doing in your attempt to “make-disciples” is actually working? Here was my quick response at the time with a few additional clarifying edits. 

Big picture: The Evidence Emerges.

Women are happier in their marriages because husbands are leading better. Husbands are discipling sons and mom’s are discipling daughters. Relationships between parents and children improve. You look out and see families together in worship and see them enjoying being together. People are telling one another of the changes God is making in their lives and the opportunities they have had to share their faith. 
Relational blow ups among formerly volatile people happen less frequently and are solved biblically in shorter periods. Elder meetings are about discipleship rather than budget minutia. We did a survey 9 years into the process at my last church and found that 25 % of the men had led someone to Christ in the previous 3 years. Three women, in a two week period came up and said some variation of this to me: “This church has an amazing number of godly men in it.”
Multiplication begins to happen. John and Joe start meeting together to build into one another’s lives. Mary and Jane meet not just for coffee but to pour out their lives together and pray for their impact on others. Karl and Ed begin to meet, without any prompting from leadership, and hold one another accountable to lead their families better.
Most of that is not measurable in a strict sense but it is like the supreme court justice who said, “I can’t define pornography but I recognize it when I see it.” When growth is occurring, it emerges, you will see it, like the carrots in my garden that have just broken through the surface of the ground.
When people begin to show evidence in their lives that they are Living Passionately For and Like Jesus, then you know that they are being discipled.

 What do you think?  How do you measure whether or not people are being discipled?

3 thoughts on ““How Do I Measure Discipleship?”

  1. “And anyone who believes in God’s Son has eternal life. Anyone who doesn’t obey the Son will never experience eternal life but remains under God’s angry judgment.””  John 3:36 (NLT)

    Or Without transformation, there is no salvation. We are known by the fruit

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