First Review is In for the New Book

Counseling the Word CoverDavid P. Rogers reviewed Counseling the Word in the Local Church: An Introduction to a Philosophy of Biblical Co…

 A good resource for knowing where to start the conversation 
May 16, 2018

“As Christians navigate the world and the church, applying a biblical model in unofficial and official counseling situations comes up with regularity.

The reality is that the practicalities of providing biblical counseling is not covered for most lay people in the course of sermons, adult Sunday School or small group sessions. This booklet provides a solid place to get up to speed before making mistakes. The psychology taught in a long-ago college class probably is not enough when looking at a hurting saint in front of you.

The booklet is good as a refresher for pastors, and for elders or saints who are on the journey looking to lend a hand to someone who is hurting. I look forward to using the tools in the appendices in my daily walk and growth.”

I hope you will pray for a wide distribution. My experience is that this little book addresses a real problem in pastoral care. And if you have a copy yourself, of either the paperback or the Kindle edition, please write a review on Amazon, Facebook or your own Blog.

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