The “Bill Fay” Collection

Bill Fay, Sharing Jesus Without FearA few days ago, I was asked in a comment if I could republish the articles I originally wrote about Bill Fay and his approach to evangelism. All of these can be found on the BLOG but some are scattered over the last 8 years and so I told the commenter that I would gather them all in one place and simply post the links.

I have tried to put them in a logical order rather than a chronological order. I trust they will be helpful to you as you seek to proclaim the gospel and train others to proclaim as well. As always, almost all of these are less than 500 words and designed to fit on one or two pages so that they are easy to digest and use in your local ministry of equipping the saints.

Side note: Don’t miss the comment threads. There are some great contributions and questions from other readers that help flesh out some of these principles.

  1. Passionate Proclamation of the Gospel is Not the Job of the Pastor Only
  2. Boys Night Out with Six Residents of Vernon Hills
  3. Train Everyone to Proclaim the Gospel        (Part 1)
  4. Can Five Questions Change Your Next Conversation with Your Neighbor      (Part 2)
  5. Irrelevant and Insensitive Evangelism Efforts     (Part 3)
  6. Overt Hostility to the Gospels Proclamation is No Excuse for Not Proclaiming the Gospel   (Part 4)

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2 thoughts on “The “Bill Fay” Collection

    1. There are other “Bill Fay” referenced posts but I’m pretty sure this is most of them. The Intensely Local posts might have some reference to Bill’s perspective a number of times. (Intensely Local Posts are in the pull down menu of the ABOUT button on the top left of the BLOG.


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