I Need to Have Laryngitis for about a Year

Zachariah Names JohnWednesday is for Thinking

Luke 1:67-80  Zacharias and His Benedictus (Blessing)

There is a God, faithful and true, unblinkingly holy and righteous, who hates sin and yet is merciful and kind, indeed, whose love is described as a “lovingkindness.” He is a God who remembers all and keeps all of His promises. Zacharias has been mute for 9 months. On the pinnacle day of his life, the day he is chosen to burn the daily incense in the Temple, a privilege that few get and some, never, an angel appears to him and tells him that his childless wife is going to have a son.

He is doubtful. Even though an angel has spoken to him. He is human and like you or me, he doubts. The angel says that for doubting God’s word of promise and faithfulness to perform His word, he will be mute until the baby is born. You can read the whole story in Luke 1:5-23.

Imagine! Best day of his life and he can’t talk for 9 months. 

What do you do with your thoughts when you can’t express them? What do you do with your joys? Your sorrows? Your puzzlements? I doubt that you stop thinking! Locked up in your own mind you have nothing to do but think and meditate. I suspect that for Zacharias,  his thoughts wandered and meandered until they became finely polished gems or even deeper caverns of questions.

Sometimes I wonder if I would be more spiritually mature if I had laryngitis for a year!

It’s not a stretch to think that Zacharias had 9 months to meditate and think and ponder the words of the angel (see verses 13-20). And as a priest, it is also no stretch to imagine that he spent a good part of that time pouring over the scrolls to probe the prophecies related to the coming of the Messiah. The evidence is actually pretty strong that that is exactly what he did. The Benedictus of Zacharias is a short meditation on the history and meaning of God’s promises to Israel and their fulfillment in his lifetime.

  1. He remembered His promise to redeem. (vss.  67-68)
  2. He remembered His promise to David. (vss. 69-72)
  3. He remembered His promise to Abraham. (vs. 73)
  4. He remembered His promise to show the way of salvation. (vss. 74-80) 
    • “being delivered” (vs. 74)
    • “might serve” (vs. 74)
    • “to give” (vs. 77, 79)
    • “to guide” (vs. 79)

Maybe all of us would be spiritually richer if we just shut our mouths, call it a fast from speaking. Let us be faithful to take a daily fast from speaking, and simply meditate on some of the great themes of Scripture.

Today, if you are reading with the Pastor the texts are 

Acts 3
Malachi 3
Psalm 108

Join me in listening to the word of God. 

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