A Much Bigger Problem than Gun Control

Despite the title, this is not a blog that is either pro or con on gun control. My position on the issue is irrelevant. This video reveals a MUCH bigger problem at the escalation of the shootings, stabbings, fights and overall violence in our culture. 

  • When children are allowed to do these things to other students . . . 
  • When other students do not step up to protect the weak and the vulnerable . . .
  • When parents and other adults stand by and do nothing . . .
  • When adults in a public space are more concerned about what others will think than the safety and security of a child . . .
  • When adults are more concerned about a “bullied” hamburger than a bullied child . . .
  • When adults are this gutless and irresponsible with regard to adult responsibilities in a public place . . .

No amount of legislation about guns is going to cure the disease at the core of American society. Guns have been present in America homes for a long, long time. It is a phenomenon unique to our nation in many ways. I’m not advocating or judging. I’m simply stating a fact. So why is there a sudden uptick in the incidence of gun violence in our schools over the last two decades? Look no further than this video for a key ingredient to your answer.


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