Gratitude is Great but . . .

Future Grace 2This:

“. . . in Hebrews 11 we find the saints of the Old Testament commended again and again because their obedience was motivated by faith. ‘By faith’ Abraham ‘obeyed’ (11:8); ‘by faith’ Noah ‘prepared an ark’ (11:7); ‘by faith’ Moses ‘left Egypt’ (11:27); ‘by faith’ others ‘performed; acts of rightousness’ (11:33). But we find no expression in the Bible like, ‘by gratitude they obeyed,’ or ‘by thankfulness they performed acts of righteousness.'”

—John Piper,
Future Grace, p. 43

Oh, we are thankful. We are grateful. We are stunned by the greatness of His love and mercy toward us.

But we can never repay the debt we owe to Christ. What a delight to serve, to obey, to follow Him wherever He wants us to go by faith.

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