Sunday Afternoon Musings

Great Quotes and Comments Series

Millennial smart PhonesTime Magazine reports that . . .

“Millennials and Gen X-ers keep their smartphones handy 22 hours a day, which means while they’re eating sleeping, working and driving.”

Time Magazine September 8, 2014, p. 28


  • Scary.
  • It’s not just millennials and Gen Xers.
  • Remember when phones were attached to walls and HS students had, like one hour a night when they could use it? How did the world survive?

Christianity in an article called “Mothering Beyond the Stereotypes” and quoted in Leadership Journal, summer 2014, p. 15.

“The stay-at-home mom has the terrifying, holy charge of raising up little eternal beings into people who will encounter the world either with kindness and grace, or with malice and indifference. I cannot think of a more important job. And yet our culuture rolls our eyes at these women. Our culture says they’ve ‘given up’ on doing anything with their lives.”

—Actress Sarah Drew (Grey’s Anatomy, Mom’s Night Out)


  • Wow! An actress who gets it!
  • Oh, how we need more moms and dads who will raise up their children to encounter the world with grace and kindness.
  • We need to redouble our efforts to pray for, train, and support parents to raise up the next generation to praise the name of Jesus.

Another Time Magazine Stat

“13,079: Number of U.S. women who experience domestic violence every day; nearly 1-3 women have been physically abused.

46%: Percentage of domestic-violence incidents that never get reported.”

October 6, 2014, p. 21


  • “O God, protect these women and bring their beastly perpetrators to justice.”
  • Our nation’s men don’t understand and are neglecting their role as protectors.
  • Sex trafficking and abuse is a global problem with significant United States component. The Church in America must do more to end it.

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