“Why We Should Stop Funding Church Plants”

Radical Church Planting Pic

Here is a MUST READ article for all church planting leaders from the folks at Gravity Leadership. It is a guest post by David Fitch on the changing face of church planting in the United States but it really applies to all of North America. I don’t always find Dr. Fitch convincing, particularly with his general panning of traditional churches and theologically driven historiography but I think he is spot on in most of this analysis of the situation in North America and the need for a change in our approaches to church planting.

  • If you are thinking about planting a church …

  • If your church is thinking about planting a church …

  • If you have wondered how post-modernism is effecting church planting …

  • If you want a new approach to church planting in post-Christian America …

This may be exactly what you need to begin to move in more productive directions for the glory of God and the joy of the nations. Here’s the Link. 

Why We Should Stop Funding Church Planting

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