Resurrection and Glory

Message Clear

am I
I am he
there and
here and
I am rife
sion and
I die
am erect
am erection
the life
of men sure
the die
set and
I am the surd
at rest
o life
I am here
I act
I run
I meet
I tie
I stand
I am thoth
I am the sun

I am the Son
I am the erect one if
I am rent
I am safe
I am sent
I heed
I test
I read
a thread
a throne
a life
I am in life
I am resurrection
I am the resurrection and I am
I am the resurrection and the life.*

* Poem based on John 11:25, and is composed using only the letters of the same verse by Edwin Morgan, (1968), cited from The Norton Introduction to Literature, Shorter Third Edition, Carl E. Bain et. al. editors. Norton, 1982.

He is risen.

perhaps I will add some footnotes to some of its more obscure references in the future.

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