The Book is Yours

Reading with the Pastor
Matthew 13  and  Psalm 35

Dusty Bible

Today we get to go back and read one of the pivotal chapters in Matthew, an entire chapter filled with parables of the Kingdom. I love this chapter and can’t wait to preach it sometime later this year. Jesus tells us what the Kingdom of God is like, what it can be compared to, what its value is, how the kingdom transforms us, what the challenges to the Kingdom of God breaking out in the world are. I can’t wait.

But we don’t have to wait do we?

Any of us can pick up our Bibles and begin to read and meditate on the meaning of the text. Any time and any day we want to we can ask the Spirit of God to empower us to live out what it means in our daily lives.   ANY TIME WE WANT!   We don’t need preachers to tell us. We can read it any time we want.

What a privilege to have the word of God printed and bound in our very own hands.

I hope with yesterday’s reading of the Sermon on the Mount (5-7), and today’s reading of the parables of the Kingdom (13), and tomorrow’s reading of the post-resurrection great commission to take the gospel to the ends of the earth, that you are encouraged and inspired to trust God more deeply than ever before. 

Borrowing from King David (cf. Psalm 35:28) . . .

“May your tongue tell of His righteousness
.       and praise Him all the day long”

One thought on “The Book is Yours

  1. One of the MOST Powerful chapters in the Gospels; especially given how many times we SEE, and READ words like “listen, speak, spoke, EARS and HEAR”, followed by a piercing illustration of the “results” of unbelief in relation to preparing to behold His Kingdom. Great chapter…

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