How We Learn to Pray

Reading with the Pastor
Matthew 20  and  Psalm 24

Bible quote Philippians 1(9)

I was once asked why I read the psalms so much. 

[Side Note: My Bibles are all marked up into different divisions so I can read through the entire book of Psalms in a month or the 119th chapter in either a month or a week. It helps me to saturate my mind and heart with the will of God.]

My answer: Two reasons . . .

First: The psalms are filled with all the emotions of the human experience. The people I know who read the psalms on a regular basis have been wiser in their relationships, gentler in their compassion for people, and in their resilience through times of affliction and heartache. I want to be like that.

Second: This was ancient Israel’s prayer book. Using God’s word to frame my prayers is the surest way I know to ensure that my prayers are according to the will God. There are great promises in God’s word for prayers prayed according to his will (cf. 1 John 5:14-15).

Bonhoeffer apparently felt the same way.

“The child learns to speak because the parent speaks to the child. The child learns the language of the parent. So we learn to speak to God because God has spoken and speaks to us. In the language of the Father in heaven God’s children learn to speak with God. Repeating God’s own words, we begin to pray to God. We ought to speak to God, and God wishes to hear us, not in the false and confused language of our heart but in the clear and pure language that God has spoken to us in Jesus Christ.”

—Deitrich Bonhoeffer in,
Life Together and The PrayerBook of the Bible, 108-109.

Try using Psalm 24 to frame your prayers for your family today. 

“Lord, the whole earth is Yours. All the peoples of the earth are Yours. Teach my soul to remember that You are the rightful owner of all that I see in this life. Draw my heart to You. Show me and make me to know in the deepest recesses of my soul that you are the King of glory, Through Christ my Lord, Amen.”

One thought on “How We Learn to Pray

  1. I agree. Read Psalms 56 and 57 today. These helped me to know that I don’t need to exact my own vengeance against my enemies because God will do justice for me and He can be trusted as a protector..always!


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