Find Your Bible–It’s Mother’s Day

Sunday Afternoon Musings

Reading with the Pastor
Matthew 14  and  Psalm 19

It’s Sunday.       I hope you will relax and enjoy your family.

It’s Mother’s Day.      I hope you will acknowledge and honor your mother.

It’s another day.        I hope you will read God’s word deeper into your soul.

Yesterday we read Matthew chapter 13 and the parable of the Kingdom. (True confession: I can’t wait till we get there in our study. I want to preach those parables with all my soul. Start praying for me now.)

Today we read Matthew 14 and Psalm 19, two more great passages of Scripture. Matthew 14 with three momentous events in the life of Christ, the beheading of John the Baptist, the feeding of the 5,000, and the walking on water by Jesus and Peter.  In the first, Herod is manipulated into murdering John the Baptist by Herodias; in the second Jesus demonstrates his compassion and power; and in the third, Jesus proves himself to be Lord of earth and sea.

Then we read Psalm 19 with its wonderful promises. We are told that the word of the Lord . . .

  • restores the soul (v. 7a).
  • makes wise the simple (v. 7b).
  • rejoices the heart (v. 8a).
  • enlightens the eyes (v. 8b).

With such wonderful promises, why do we hesitate to fill our souls to capacity with the breathed out words of the Living God? 

Keep reading church. God rewards those who diligently seek Him.

Another link to the “Poetry Project”, this one on Psalm 19 “Prove Your Words Solid”

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