Keep on Keeping On

Reading with the Pastor
Matthew 11  and  Psalm 17

Worn Bible 3

By now many of you have missed a day or two and may have gotten discouraged a time or three that your time in God’s word is not producing as great a “dividend” in your life as you had hoped. You may have struggled to catch back up or you may still be struggling to find a consistent time and place to read and think about the word of God. That is typical and shouldn’t be a concern to you.

Keep working to develop the habit of reading each day. And here is some further encouragement.

What did you have for lunch on Wednesday three weeks ago? Did it nourish you? Were you strengthened for the day? Did you avoid a headache because you ate? Where you kinder to your wife or husband because your blood sugar level was held in balance? Where you able to be more patient with your children because you weren’t cranky yourself? Did a co-worker get your patient ear rather than your frustrated mouth because of the energy you derived from that Wednesday lunch that you no longer remember? Was there some exercise or physical exertion that you needed to make later that day that the meal you don’t remember gave you what you needed so that you were kept from overexertion and a heart attack?

You see, not being able to retain all that your read, or recall what you read yesterday, or completely comprehend the psalm that you read is NOT an indication that your reading is unproductive or wasted effort. Just like eating and your body, something is going on in your spirit when you feast on the Word of God that you will only perceive over time as you continue the process. Keep reading. God will nurture your soul, the Spirit of God will use His word to deepen your faith and your passion for following Christ. 

“Father, be with my brothers and sisters in Christ who are training their hearts to worship and serve you. Speak to them in your word this day. Use Matthew’s Gospel and David’s Psalms to draw their heart to the glories of Christ. Help them to see You and Your heart for them as they read Your word. Remind them that these are Your love letters to us for our good and Your glory. I ask this in the name of Christ, Amen.”

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