When the Spirit Grabs Your Heart

Dusty Bible 2

Day 4   “Reading with the Pastor”
Matthew 4 and Psalm 7

One year, verses 3-5 of Psalm 7 grabbed my spirit and would not let go. David told God that if there was anything in his heart, anything in his actions that was worthy of the persecution he was experiencing, then let him (his enemy) “trample my life to the ground and lay my glory in the dust” (vs 5).

In other words, “let me be forgotten” or “let me lose my place in the world”. His prayer is basically, “take me out if I’m guilty or save me because I am innocent.”

I want that kind of heart. 

I want the kind of heart that is so passionate in my pursuit of God that a prayer like David’s is easy on my lips. All of which led me to pen the following reflection as I yearned for my children to run passionately toward Christ. Clink on the link below if you have time and let’s pray for one another’s children.

Psalm 7     Willing to be Forgotten”

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