From the Cutting Edge of Church Planting


The following is an account of Gospel victory among a distinct but small people group in the Philippines. Why is this important? Well, it is important for at least 5 reasons:

  1. Scripture says that heaven will be composed of peoples from every tribe and tongue (Rev. 14:6).
  2. All peoples are significant and need the gospel no matter how many or few there are (Acts 17:26-27).
  3. Christians will be encouraged by the dramatic story of God’s faithfulness.
  4. Unbelievers might pause to reconsider the veracity of the supernatural and the truth of the gospel.
  5. Other Church planters will be strengthened in their resolve to reach their communities with the life-transforming news of the gospel.

DCPI ConferenceDynamic Church Planting International is a principle-based church planting organization that has probably trained more church planters both here in North America and around the world, to plant more churches than any other church planting organization in the world in the history of the church. That’s a big statement but it’s true. The fact that few people know who they are is a tribute to the singular focus of their highly effective ministry. They are interested in training church planters, not self-promotion.

This account comes from Paul and Cathy Becker’s Spring Newsletter.

When an indigenous couple, Bishop Roper and his wife, Mhel, received DCPI training in the Philippines, they wanted to bring the gospel to the Umayamnon tribe, an unreached people group of over 6,000 members.

From their home, they traveled by car and on foot to the top of a mountain, where this tribe lives.

One day, Mhel approached the tribal chief with the simple offer of prayer. He accepted with surprised to himself. This is because the Umayamnon had some history with missionaries; they had seen the Jesus Film and the Passion of Christ but could not relate because in those films Jesus was surrounded by white people that did not look like them. They felt accused when the heard, “repent!” They said they were not the one who crucified Jesus.

But while Mhel prayed, the Holy Spirit convicted the chieftain, and when she was finished praying, he expressed openness to the Gospel. He received Jesus as his Lord and Saior. Immediately the entire tribe was open ot the Gospel message! Since then, many of them have been baptized; others are being discipled.

One day, the chief told the tribe that they needed to burn their idols because they now knew Jesus Christ to be their Lord and Savior, and the one true God. They brought their idols and totems together and burned them. About 30 minutes later, the grandson of the chief died. Roper saw a black cloud; God told Mhel to praise and thank God; she did so and exhorted the stricken parents to worship and not turn back; they did so, and the baby revived after 30 minutes.

Following the death and resurrection of the tribal chief’s grandson, the community asked Roper and his wife to come weekly for fellowship and worship. They consented; thus began a Sunday service.

The tribespeople had been planting marijuana, but with the planting of the word of God in their hearts, ALL of them stopped. Instead, they started planting corn and vegetables.

This village has undergone a beautiful transformation, embodying God’s inner work on their hearts. We are so grateful for this peek into God’s work in a remote part of the Philippines, and grateful to Him for letting us be a tool in His hand.

God is at work in the world!

Thank God for the work of DCPI and the church planters they are training around the world. One pastor in the Philippines tearfully shared, “I’ve been in ministry for 50 years, and this is the best training I’ve ever received in my entire life.”

Here is another excerpt from DCPI 

We want to extend a huge “Thank You” to you as one of the leaders who God has used to make this happen.  Besides the Lord, the people who make up Team DCPI are our greatest asset.  World Zone Leaders, Senior Master Trainers, Master Trainers, and Certified Trainers all working together and giving the time, energy, and passion to equip over 31,000 leaders in 2016!

The fact is, that if these 31,948 leaders that we have trained in 2016 are as productive as the leaders we have trained in the past, there will be over 87,000 churches started all over the world in the next 3 to 5 years.

All I can say is, “WOW!” and “Great job team” … “Great job God!” 

Paul Becker’s Personal Ministry Newsletter

Praise God for the great work of the gospel going forward.

One thought on “From the Cutting Edge of Church Planting

  1. The 5 reasons you note at the top of your post are very important. We pray that God blesses the efforts of Christian missionaries in leading souls to Christ.


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