Thinking of Phyllis and Other Believing “Shut-ins”

hands claspedIf you have an elderly friend or parent, or if you are reading this and you happen to be older and slower and less spry than you once were, don’t miss John Stonestreet’s commentary today. 

Your friend or parent or anyone else who happens to be “shut-in” from as much outside contact with people as you or they once enjoyed are not “on the shelf” in God’s economy. You might be coming into your most significant ministry.

Click on the link right here and you’ll understand why. And Phyllis, thanks for your incredible impact on my and countless lives not only in the past but right now as well.

Update:  Moments after posting this my phone rang. It was Phyllis’s daughter calling to say that my dear sister in Christ had asked for me to visit. She couldn’t speak but somehow had made it clear that she would like to have me there. I just got back from an hour and a half visit and it seems clear that Jesus might be calling her home soon. What a woman. What a friend. What a prayer warrior for the saints of God. All I can think of is who will take her place? 

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