Young Leaders in the Church

Sunday Afternoon Musings

Young LeadersYoung leaders are not self-aware. To be honest, there is nothing that guarantees that older leaders are self-aware. But one of the things that time in ministry does to the vast majority of us is that it humbles us. It causes us to second guess ourselves and our decisions. But young leaders are not so measured about their ideas or perspectives. What they think, what they observe, what they conclude IS the truth of the matter. And don’t try to tell them differently.

This is one of their greatest strengths and one of their greatest weaknesses. The average age of the room in ground control at the first moon landing was 29 years. The men in that room, I’m not sure there were any women there, had not yet been beaten down by life and its inevitable failures.

They had a vision of what could be. They had a powerful sense of their own ability. They had very little sense of their own limitations. Yes, they knew they could fail. They just didn’t believe that they would. That combination drove them and helped them to achieve great things.

But youthful confidence and certainty can also lead us astray. It can lead us to believe that we know all the facts, know all the motivations, know all the outcomes and possibilities, know all the right moves to make in every situation. Age tempers such confidence. It helps us to be cautious with our decisions, sometimes overly cautious.

We need each other, young leaders and seasoned vets. And we will accomplish much more for the King of kings when we value and appreciate the strengths and weaknesses to which we are most prone.

2 thoughts on “Young Leaders in the Church

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