Being Small and Despised Isn’t So Bad

Wednesday is for Heart Songs

praying the psalms

“I am” declarations in Psalm 119:

  • “I am a stranger in the earth”   vs. 19
  • “I am the companion of all those who fear You”   vs. 63
  • “I am Yours”   vs. 94
  • “I am exceedingly afflicted”   vs. 107
  • “I am Your servant”   vs. 125
  • “I am small and despised”   vs. 141

If I am a stranger in the earth it is because I am a citizen of heaven.
If I am a companion of those who fear God, I will be despised by those who don’t.
If I belong to YHWH I cannot belong to the world.
If I am exceedingly afflicted it is not outside of God’s sovereign and good hand.
If I am the servant of God it is for His purposes that I breathe.
And If I am small and despised it is a reminder that it is for His glory not mine that He has called me to be a stranger on the earth.

Lord, help me to remember the truth of Your word. Help me to declare with the whole of my being what the Psalmist declares here. Make me Your servant for Your purposes, for Your glory. Amen.

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