Growing Weary of Doing Right

StruggleToday’s post is the fourth in a series of letters to those who have taken the “Five Resolves to Personal Revival” challenge. [You can find the other letters by searching in the blog for “Resolves”.] These posts started out as letter to the congregation of Trinity Church but the audience has gotten much larger since I started reproducing them here on the blog.

I would like to encourage those who have gone to the Christian Communicators Online website and downloaded a copy of Jim Elliff’s 5 Resolves to do the same thing that the people of Trinity Church have done: Email me and let me know ( I want to pray for you by name. I try to keep everything short here, so, on to this week’s letter.

Hi all,

Here’s what happens by week 3-4 of every new change of life pattern: we get tired.
We don’t see the progress we thought we would or hoped we would. We get disappointed in our own follow through. We become discouraged over how we seem to go over the same territory over and over again. We lose focus and forget why we thought that thing we started working on was so important to our lives.
Been there? 
Me to.
But that’s when we need to not quit but keep on working the process.  Whether it is dieting, memorizing Scripture, reading the Bible, praying, dealing with our sin, speaking positively to our spouses, encouraging our children, . . . it’s all the same. Work the process until the good thing you want to see happen becomes routine.
This week’s focus: Resolve #3.
Resolve #3
“Make Right Any Wrongs Between Yourself and Others
This may be one of the more difficult things we ever do in life. It requires humility. It requires courage. But perhaps most of all it requires a simple thing. It requires obedience.

  1. Make a list of people who you think have something, no matter how large or small, against you. It doesn’t matter if it is a reasonable thing or not, or a sin thing, or an old grudge, or whether they are right or you are right. It simply doesn’t matter. If you believe that someone has something against you, write it down on the list.
  2. Pray for them.
  3. Tell God you want to honor him in that relationship.
  4. Go to them and ask something like this: “I sense that I have hurt (or offended, or disappointed) you in some way. What can I do to restore our friendship (or make it easier for you in the future, or overcome this difficulty)?”
  5. Tell them that with all your heart, you want to honor God in your relationship with them and ask them for forgiveness.
  6. Keep reading your 5 resolves each day.
I’m praying for you and doing all the things I’m suggesting for you.

Praying for revival,

pastor marty

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