On Common Ground with Your Neighbors

Five Ways to Use the Christmas Season for the Glory of God*

  1. Hold a Christmas Celebration
    Maybe a gift exchange would work with your neighbors. Ask quests to bring an inexpensive gift (“Nothing over ‘X’dollars”). Place gifts in a pile or a basket, and have each individual or couple draw a gift. Include some singing. Most everyone enjoys singing Christmas carols. Provide a song sheet that includes both sacred and secular songs. Instead of gifts, do the same thing with Christmas cookies exchange.
  2. Use Christmas Correspondence
    First, bathe your Christmas cards in prayer. Send them out to friends and family with the prayerful expectation that God will use your card in some way to direct hearts to the real meaning of Christmas. Second, be bold. Don’t be heavy handed but don’t be shy about including a brief paragraph on the meaning of Christmas.
    +  Be sure to send your invitations early.

    +  An excellent way to learn more about your neighbors so you can better care for them is to have a time of “safe” sharing. “The most unique gift I ever received at Christmas,” or “What Christmas means to me,” or “Your best Christmas memory” are excellent discussion options.
  3. Open Your Home
    Christians need to begin to see their homes as gifts from God to share with the world. Hosting an open house allows natural opportunities to either meet or renew acquaintances with your neighbors.
    And on the reverse side, accept every invitation to attend open house kind of events in your neighborhood. My personal motto is that if a non-Christian neighbor invites me to something, whatever else was on my schedule (within reason) is off and I am going to that event.
  4. Share Christmas Traditions
    Invite someone to share your Christmas dinner. Pay special attention to the single, the elderly, the widowed, and others who might be alone.
    Start a neighborhood caroling evening that will give you the opportunity to do something again next year. These can be great times of sharing and memory building and provide a real sense of community.
    Involve your kids. You can teach your children the principles of friendship and the love of Christ. Collect canned goods, clothes, or toys to give away. Take them to a nursing home where they can share the love and joy of the season.
  5. Attend Community Activities
    If your church has and special services on Christmas Eve or Christmas day make an effort to invite a friend.
    The Christmas season is filled with opportunities. Concerts like The Messiah, or children’s plays, and living nativity presentations, and many similar seasonal events can pack powerful messages. Take advantage by taking a friend.

And if all these ideas are too late for you to take full advantage of this season, file them away and begin to plan and plot and pray through your strategy for next year so that the light of Christ shines brighter in your friends and neighbors lives for the glory of God.

*All of these are taken from a ministry tool developed by Search Ministries.

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