The Likely Future in Many Churches

Saturday Musings

Bonhoeffer Cost of Discipleship 1Yet another reason to dust off your copy of THE COST OF DISCIPLESHIP and read it again. Bonhoeffer continues to be relevant.

I think as the culture both overtly and subtly puts more and more pressure on Christians to conform to its lower moral code …

  1. Nominal Christians even in Bible teaching churches will grow more uncomfortable to faithful preaching of God’s word.
  2. The culture will accelerate their shaming of Christians for their “outdated moral code” and “traditional interpretations of Scripture.”
  3. Faithful preachers will defend the word and the priority of the word, and refuse to bend to the spirit of the age.
  4. The shallowness of many Christians faith and real understanding of the gospel, the Bible, the nature of God will all be revealed.
  5. Nominal Christians will continue to leave and join other flocks and teachers who tickle their ears with a fluffy stories and false doctrine that fits the spirit of the age.

But God will vindicate His church.

Meanwhile, let’s love the world better than we ever have; let’s proclaim with greater boldness; let’s sacrifice for the very people who despise us; let’s live passionately for and like Christ.

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