Aquinas on the Enchantment of God’s Goodness

Saturday Musings

My reading interests are … eclectic. There are stacks of books everywhere in our house and some people in the past have called my office, “the Library”. I like books. Last night I was reading in a tiny tome published before I was born. “My Way of Life: Pocket Edition of St. Thomas; the Summa Simplified for Everyone” was what I reached just before turning out the lights.


Here’s a gem from page 8 and 9:

The good God is that ravishingly attractive Being Who is resisted only when He is not seen; He is infinite enticement, rapturous beyond a man’s most extravagant desires, captivating lovableness to tear the heart out of a man. Confronted by divine goodness, the heart of man bursts into such a flame as to make a torch of his whole life. Fascinated by the invitation inherent in such goodness, a man finds no journey too long, no danger too great, no obstacle too wearying; here is strength, courage, daring for the weakest of men, for if this goodness be achieved nothing is lost, if this be lost everything is bitterly lost.”

“Oh God, make my life and words such a torch that the only explanation of it is a vision of your goodness. In the name of Jesus, my Lord and Master. Amen.”

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