Facebook Self Censored; Former Lesbian on Olympian Jenner; Tony Campolo; The Church in Exile;

Weekend Links

An excerpt from a previous post earlier this year to introduce the weekend links.

All loves, all joys, all pleasures are given as momentary gifts to lead us to long for greater love, fuller joys, unending pleasures, all of which can only be satisfied in God himself. God wants us to long for more than we experience. He wants us to long for Him. The greatest being in the universe can only give the greatest gift. He must give Himself.

Perfect LoveHe did.

He does.

He will.

And that, nothing less than Him, is our greatest hope.

Theology and Apologetics

An Open Letter to Tony Campolo and His New Position on Homosexuality and Same-sex Marrriage  —Dr. Michael Brown  (Good letter with some important points that are often overlooked in the debate.)

Stage 2 of Exile: Are We Ready?  —Steve McAlpine  (“The biggest problem the church had, according to Exile Stage One thinking, was that no one was talking about us anymore.”  Things are changing rapidly in stage 2 of the church’s exile from culture.)

Christians, are You Ready for Stage 2 of Your Exile? —Justin Taylor  (Justin Taylor’s take on Steve McAlpine’s article. Understanding the times we live in is critical making our impact our that time so that future generations will have a faithful witness.)


Christians, Be Careful What You Say on Facebook  —(Wisdom, sober wisdom in this short article. Especially be careful about what you say about the Bruce Jenner controversy.)

Former Lesbian Jackie-Hill Perry Responds to Bruce Jenner Sex Change  —David Daniels  (Interview with former lesbian on the whole controversy. Short video at the end of the article as well.)

Can Gardening Change Convicts Lives?  —Washington Post  (Good article with some good ideas that says too much. Being engaged with wholesome, productive things is always good but real change is linked to Jesus and salvation is only through Him.)

The Rise of Evangelical “Nones”  —Ed Stetzer  (This is a very good article that drills down behind to give a better, fuler, more accurate picture of what is happening in so-called “demise of the church” in America. All is not doom and gloom, but there are some cautions.)

Pop Culture Trends

Transgenderism: A Pathogenic Meme  —Paul McHugh  (John Hopkins research professor weighs in on the concept of “born this way” from his 40 years of research and observation.)

5 Olympian Jenner Facts  (There is so much tragedy in this whole story. Let’s not forget the real person involved.)

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