Weekend Links: Counterfeit Gospels; Transgender and Same-Sex Marriage; Church Planting; Negaholic?; Ed Stetzer; How Freedom Disappears; plus

Weekend Links

Beets, Onions and Carrots coming up in the garden
Beets, Onions and Carrots coming up in the raised garden

Great day with my bride today seeing a movie and having dinner in Champaign. The movie? Beyond the Mask. Today was its release. Think, National Treasure meets Christian Film industry, meets more respect for the audience with the story line than the recent God’s Not Dead movie. Don’t expect a lot of history even though it is set in 1776 Philadelphia. Its a yarn to tell and adventure. Fun. Enjoy the Links.


6 Counterfeits that Lead Away from the Biblical Gospel  —Trevan Wax  (Always good to rexamine the truth so that we can better counteract the lies of the devil and culture, and sometimes, fellow believers.) 

How Should We Respond to “Caitlyn” Jenner?  —Jon Bloom  (Biblical, sensitive, compassionate, uncompromising. Worth every second you spend reading it.)


Church Planting: Is it the style or the people that you love?  —Ed Stetzer   (Short article on the wrestling match in the soul of many church planters over do they love the people they are called to or just the idea of the church plant that they have in their head.)

Are You a Negaholic?  —Michael Hyatt  (Negaholic thinkers are addicted to their behavior and don’t realize how destructive it is to everything they do and every team they are apart of. Here’s help.)

Five Things Every Christian Leader Should Pray for Everyday  —Kevin Halloran  (Short and helpful article)

Top Ten Things Your Need to Know about Making Disciples  —Mark Howell  (Nothing to quibble about here. Good reminder.)

Pop Culture

High School Quaterback Made an Amazing Promise to Girl with Down Syndrome   (Great story of faithfulness, integrity, honor, friendship, and love.)

A Warning From Canada: Same-Sex Marriage Erodes Fundamental Freedoms  (Alarming. Read it. Pray. Act.)

Minnesota Muslims: Brutally Honest, “We Want Sharia”  (Normal, apparently peace loving Muslims living in Minnesota until someone asks some very simple questions. Our country is extemely naive.)

The Age of Disinformation  (A climate scientist, otherwise known as a meterologist, weighs in on the flooding in Houston and what it means, and doesn’t mean. Thoughtful.)

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