The Danger of Having too Much or too Little

Wednesday Musings

FaithI have heart full of new reasons to take my own counsel to heart today. Every new day for every follower of Christ is a new challenge to trust Him, to place all our hope in Him, and to acknowledge His goodness and care. I am constantly relearning that God wants me to trust Him, not me, Him, not the people around me, Him not the education or training I have.

Sometimes, I feel pretty dense. Thank God for His faithfulness.

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The Danger of Having too Much or too Little.

One thought on “The Danger of Having too Much or too Little

  1. I’ve started on a Voices Together project to examine all occurrences of faith/believe/trust/commit/obey in Scripture. It is going to last a life time but has already begun to deepen my understanding of John 3:16 and its application to my life as a disciple of Jesus Christ.


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