Killing Sin Before it Kills You and Your Relationships

Saturday Musings

John Owen on MortificationAlexander Whyte’s counsel on how to pour out our heart over sin when we find it.

“And, as with all our trouble, so let us do with all our sins. For our sin is the mother of all our trouble; get rid of the mother, and you will soon get rid of her offspring. And the only way to get rid of sin–as well as of sorrow–is to pour it out before God. For one things, you are often tormented and polluted,–are you not?–with sinful thoughts. Now as soon as they enter, as soon as they arise,–pour them out before God.

Pour them out before they are well in. Cleanse your heart of all unclean thoughts, of all angry and revengeful thoughts; of all envious and jealous thoughts; of all malicious and murderous thoughts,–sweep them out . . . Repudiate them. Deny them. Denounce them. Declare before God, as He shall judge you, that all these evil thoughts of yours are not yours at all. Protest to Him that it is some enemy of yours and His who always puts them, somehow, into your heart.

And pour them out like poison. Pour them out like leprosy. For poison and leprosy can but kill the body; but bad thoughts, entertained in the heart, will kill both body and soul in hell. Let no sinful thought settle in your heart for a moment. Call aloud on God the instant you discover its presence. Wherever you are, and however you are employed, and in whatever company,—that moment call on God. That moment pour out your heart before Him.”

Lord, Teach Us to Pray, 30-31.

First thoughts:

  • Powerful
  • No nonsense
  • Practical
  • Completely foreign to how Christians in America think about sin


  1. Take sin seriously.
  2. Follow the advice of these paragraphs.
  3. Do it for a lifetime.

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