Seeing the Truth Up Close

Tuesday is for Thinking and Reflection

Shepherd with Sheep on Shoulders1 The Lord is my shepherd
.      I shall not want.

6 Surely goodness and mercy will follow me
.      all the days of my life
   And I shall dwell in the house of the Lord
  .    forever.
                           ( Psalm 23:1,6 )

This week my wife and I had the opportunity to spend some time with Bob and Phyllis Hartman, two saints near the end of their journey who prove the wonder and truth of the word of the Living God. What a delight! 

We discussed the word and the Word made flesh. We spent some time in Psalm 23; we prayed; we laughed; we wept; we celebrated the Lord’s Supper, and we made plans to do it again if God allows.

Bob and Phyllis expressed how overwhelmed they were in the care they were receiving. A grand-daughter-in-law was cleaning house, and conversing, and loving on them; the family had been arranging care schedules, the church family was filling in gaps, the refrigerator was filled with meals that had been prepared. In short, their “cup was running over” (v. 5). They felt loved and valued as a life-time of having the Lord as their shepherd was yielding proof of “goodness and mercy pursuing them all the days of their lives” (v. 6).

I covet their experience for every believer in Christ. I covet it for myself. 

And Psalm 23 tells us how it happens.

verse 1        Make the Lord Your Shepherd
verses 2-5  The Lord makes everything work together to produce …
verse 6        Goodness and mercy following us all the days of our lives.

Everything flows from having the Lord as our Shepherd.

Our shepherd laid down his life for us (John 10:11). Know Him as Savior. Serve Him as Lord.

Tweet this: The Lord is my Shepherd … goodness and mercy pursue me all the days of my life. The glory of the gospel for His name’s sake.

Update: 2018 Bob lives with Jesus now and Phyliss has moved into a small bungalow next to the farmhouse and continues to experience the Lord as her shepherd. I miss them both.

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