Distortions of Scripture and the Wisdom of Malcolm Muggeridge

Tuesday is for Thinking

Kingdom_of_God“Of all the distortions of scripture—and heaven knows there have been plenty in our time—the most disastrous is surely to suggest that when our Lord insisted that his Kingdom was not of this world, he meant that it was. An equivalent distortion would be to devise a version of the third temptation in the wilderness whereby our Lord, instead of rejecting the devil’s offer of the kingdoms of the world, accepted it with a view to setting up an earthly paradise in accordance with contemporary specifications—some super-People’s Democracy, or welfare state, or co-operative common-wealth.”

Malcom Muggeridge,
from the Forward to Harry Blamires book, (p. vii)
Where Do We Stand? An Examination of the Christian’s
Position in the World

One thought on “Distortions of Scripture and the Wisdom of Malcolm Muggeridge

  1. If I read you correctly I agree that God’s Kingdom is not of this world. Our role as Christians is to be ambassadors of God/s Kingdom to the world and to invite those who wish to join, we are to be light so those who accept the invitation can find the path that leads to the Kingdom of God and everlasting life. I am presently meditating on the Question, “What is the Role of the Christian in a Democracy:


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