Getting Serious About Discipleship

Saturday Musings

Discipleship, Dare to beThe modern American church is “ill focused and sadly out of sync with its Lord’s mission.”

According to a 2010 LifeWay Research study, only three percent of American churches participated as the primary support for a church plant and only 14 percent participated “in any way” toward the establishment of a new church (LifeWay Research 2010). This statistic follows from the equally startling report that “80 percent of those who attend church one or more times a month, believe they have a personal responsibility to share their faith, but 61 percent have not told another person about how to become a Christian in the previous six months” (LifeWay Research 2014). 

The connection between a lack of church planting passion and the failure to make disciples are two peas from the same pod. These two issues travel together and reflect a Church that is ill focused and sadly out of sync with its Lord’s mission and the purpose given to the Church in the aptly named Great Commission (cf. Mt 28:16-20; Mk 16:15-16; Lk 24:45-49; Jn 20:21, 29-31; Acts 1:8). If we don’t share our faith individually, why would we expect churches to have a passion to share the faith corporately? 


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