New Book Available: Be one of the first to review

Book Cover (front)First offering!

The book is available in Kindle format now and paperback by the end of the month. It’s a little book filled with big thoughts of God, big thoughts of God’s kingdom, and big thoughts about the Church’s place in the world.

My hope is that many will heed its cry for a passionate rediscovery of who we are in Christ. I hope it leads many to personal revival in their faith and a broader, more compassionate impact in the society at large.

I have a request for those of you who might purchase the book.

It’s a simple one.

Please write a review.

.  * If you love it, write a review.
.  * If you hate it, write a review.
.  * If you are frustrated by it, write a review.
.  * If you are challenged by it, write a review.
.  * If you think others have said it better, write a review.

Post your review on Amazon. Post it on your BLOG if you have one. Post it on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. And I thank you not only for purchasing it but for giving your time to read it and tell others about it. To God be the glory.

Long awaited, by me at least, the new book(let) is available now in Kindle format at

You can get it on your Kindle or your Kindle app right NOW for $2.99.

It is available in paperback for $5.38.

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