More Advance Reviews on the New Book

Very Excited about the New Book Release

A pastor writes books because he is seeking to shoot an arrow to make a difference at some distance from his normal sphere of influence. That is my hope with this short (60 page) booklet. It is encouraging to hear that advance reviewers are seeing some benefit. Please pray for the widest distribution possible. To God be the glory.

Book Cover (front)“The Church is on a rescue mission in hostile territory. Wherever in the world we sleep each night, unless we are in heaven, we are not home. It is good to be unsettled and dissatisfied with the transience of this passing-away world and to resist our pursuit of its deterioration.

“We are citizens of heaven, but our feet still walk upon the earth. We are sojourners craving to unpack our bags and settle down somewhere. But not yet. “Reject earthly anchors”, says Marty Schoenleber, which slow us down in the advance of Jesus name. I am homesick for the “celestial city” of God and Marty has spiked my (already) hearty appetite for it in this compelling booklet.”

—David Sitton
To Every Tribe

“With galvanizing urgency Schoenleber sets one of the grand themes of the Bible in bold relief: God’s people as sojourners; not settlers.  Compelled by a cross-centered vision and grounded in a hefty compendium of scriptures, this brief meditation re-visions a vital ethos missing from many in Western churches today.  For this reason, any institution or individual intentional about Christ and His kingdom would do well to reflect on these words while assessing their core purposes and principles. To a culture preoccupied with comfort, convenience and security, Schoenleber poses a strange and holy alternative.  He leaves us asking, “Will we embrace risk, rejection, and sacrifice now for a share in the heavenly city later?”

—Jonathan Hoffman
Pastor, Bourke Christian Church

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