Six Realities and Two Dreams for the American Church

Tuesday is for Thinking

Reality CheckSix realities that have to be faced up to about the American Church

  1. We are not as mature as we think we are.  Survey after survey confirms this. Whether we are talking about doctrine or practice, the American church is embarrassingly thin in the maturity department.
  1. We are not as bold as we ought to be. Our King has been given all authority in heaven and earth and yet we either act like the battle is lost or work like it all depended on us.
  1. We are not as prayerful as we once were. Many things could be said about the modern church but “lovers of prayer” would not be one of them.
  1. We aren’t as generous as we could be. We are a generous people but not nearly as generous as a people bought by the sacrifice of Christ ought to be. All too often our comfort rather than the needs of others drives the amount that we give or the inconvenience we will endure.
  1. We aren’t as focused as the needs of our time demand. The needs of our age demand a robust faith that can defend truth and stand against a rising tide of secularism. Instead we occupy ourselves with politics, entertainment, games and social media. (For example: I long for a time when men with beards simply wore them rather than preened about them in pictures on Facebook and other media. Ugh!)
  1. We aren’t as deep as we need to be. In doctrine, can our people proclaim the Trinity with confidence? In outlook, are our people saturated with a biblical worldview? Do we know our Bibles or just own a shelf full of them? With all that is at our fingertips in terms of technology isn’t it a scandal that we are not more Bible-saturated in our thinking?

These are huge problems and if they are not solved God will give our opportunity to reach the world to another people. So what are three dreams for the American church? Here’s two of mine:

  • That we would become a people who live passionately for and like Jesus.  What would that look like? It would look like revival. It would look like a radical break from how we are living now. It would look like a church and a people whose lives looked like a joyful sacrifice to the world. In short, it would have a cross-shape to it, an unmistakable image of loving sacrifice for others.
  • That we would become a people of the Book. That our lives would be so saturated with the God’s word, and such joy and hope would rise in our hearts that our lives would become the light that this dark world so desperately needs.

There are a thousand other dreams but all of them would be grounded in these two.

Join me in spending your life dreaming, praying, and working for these dreams.

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