Surprised by a Left Hand

Sunday Musings

Ending abortionI didn’t expect it. The video was about sanctity of life. It was about abortion. It was about putting something on screen that would leave an indelible imprint on the heart through the medium of the eye. It was about writing a script that would put in proper perspective the tragedy of 58,000,000 lives lost to abortion. It was about thinking hard about all the potentials that would never be realized.

And then it happened. 

Fifty-one seconds into the video, in some World War II footage, a man on a landing craft at Normandy reaches out his left hand. His left hand. His ring hand. He pats the back of the man in front of him and you can’t miss the ring. Two men, going to war. Two men frozen in time for moment on film. It’s as if he is trying to comfort or encourage the man in front of him.

“This is it.”
“This is what we trained for.”
“I’m here with you buddy.”

It may be that neither of those men survived the landing. It may be that both survived or only one. But there is that moment when one man, a married man with a wife back home, reaches out to encourage another in the face of a very uncertain future.

Four seconds later, it’s over. And just like life, we don’t know what happens next.

And then it hit me.

Unlike those two men about to go to war, a child in the womb doesn’t know he or she is in a war zone and there is no one to pat him or her on the back with any assurance and comfort. 

Who will fight for them? Who will love them enough to risk the ire of a culture that has invested in the death of 58,000,000 babies? Let’s be those ones. Let’s be the generation that loves young women in desperate situations so much that we will be the ones with the “pat on the back” and the real-world help that they need so that they can do the same for their children and receive them as the gifts that God intends them to be. Here’s the video that started this post.

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