Cookie-Cutter Discipleship is a Waste of Time

Thursday is for Thinking

. . . he had prayed the entire rosary straight through!

What should I say?

He is powerfully motivated to pray. He spent considerable time in praying. He feels a sense of growth and progress in his spiritual development. Should I take him aside and tell him that Mary is the mother of Christ. She should be respected and honored and her life should be examined for clues to how we might similarly obey God but she is not someone to whom we pray? Should I begin to teach him the magisterial doctrine of the priesthood of believers and the biblical Mt. Everest that declares that we can boldly approach the throne of grace without human mediators like Mary? Should I douse the flame of his zeal with everything I know about prayer from years of study of God’s word?

What should I do?

For the whole story:  Cookie-Cutter Discipleship is a Waste of Time.

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