The Gospel in Full Force

Wednesday Musings

Christlike (Bill Hull 2010)“The full force of the gospel is that followers of Jesus are transformed in their spirits; they are reborn people set on their way by a new life. They are driven by the Spirit of God to make the world right. Those same people become Jesus to the world around them, feeding the hungry, saving the children, healing the sick, assisting the poor, and doing it in the name and power of the living Christ. The gospel of the kingdom is not only about saving souls; it is about those saved souls changing and caring for their world. As Dallas Willard teaches, the reborn spirit works its way through the mind, the body, then through a person’s social world.”

—Bill Hull, Christlike: The Pursuit of Uncomplicated Obedience, 42.

2 thoughts on “The Gospel in Full Force

  1. Amen. When these changed people gather in spiritual communities (churches) and link arms to be the hands of Christ powerful changes take places in their communities.

    Miss connecting face to face. BTW – Embassy Church is moving forward well and they are hoping to be able to put Phill on fulltime in 2015. Not bad for a 9 month old church plant.


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