Sobering, Convicting, Challenging

Saturday Musing

Evangelism that Works“Every revival in the history of the modern world has been grounded in an explosion of prayer and evangelism.

In the time directly preceding an outbreak of spiritual revival, churches focus their energy and resources on congregational repentance, personal commitment to outreach, and preparation for the potential outpouring of God’s Holy Spirit upon the land and the influx of new converts.  . . . as matters stand today, the Church is ill-poised to initiate and to sustain a revolution of the human heart and soul.”

–George Barna, Evangelism that Works, 21, 22.


  • We are more prone to trust in election results than prayer.
  • We don’t know how to pray for revival.
  • Truly, we are not equipped to handle revival if God were to grant it.
  • Our souls do not burn with passion for those outside of Christ.

Oh God, help us. ‘For our iniquities have gone over our head; like a heavy burden, they are too heavy for us. Make haste to help us Oh Lord, my salvation.’ (from Psalm 38:4 and 22)

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