All the Purposes of God are Centered in Christ

Tuesday is for Devotion

Knowing God 2I am rereading one of the best and most influential books of the 1970’s-1990’s. J.I. Packer’s Knowing God was Christianity Today’s book of the year in 1973. In one of histories oddities, in 1981, I had the privilege of taking Dr. Packer to the Ontario, California airport and an uninterrupted 40 minute conversation over the book and the difference it had made in my life. He told me that sales of the book had “leveled off at about 60,000 a year” and that he was humbled by the way the book had been received.

I have slightly more than 10,000 books in my personal library, including digital volumes, many are tools for research. A couple hundred are worth a second read. But very few are worth reading multiple times, some every year, some every two or three. Knowing God is one of those books that is worth reading over and over again. If you have never had the privilege, I urge you to take advantage and do it soon.

Among the hundreds of underlines, highlights in multiple colors, marginal notes, prayers, questions and comments on my copy, is this:

The God of the Bible has spoken in His Son. The light of the knowledge of His glory is given to us in the face of Jesus Christ. Do I look habitually to the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ as showing me the final truth about the nature and the grace of God? Do I see all the purposes of God as centering upon Him?  (p. 44)

It is impossible to know God apart from Jesus.

Get that through your heart.

Jesus is the perfect revelation of the Father.

Train your heart to look at Jesus.

  • Consistently
  • Intently
  • Thoroughly
  • Wonderingly
  • Worshipfully

 Find all your joy in Him. A bigger vision of Christ will fuel your hope, energize your witness, and strengthen your faith.

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