Know Your Friends, Pray for Your Enemies

man-thinking-wisdomThursday is for Thinking

Ran across this interesting quote from a Jewish scholar who taught at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. David Flusser (1917-2000) was the professor of Early Christianity and Judaism in the Second Temple period.

He was commenting in an editorial in the Jerusalem Post:

“I do not know who is the God in whose name Eichmann [the Nazi murder and one of the architects of Hitler’s war on Jews] swore, but I am certain that it is neither the God of Israel nor the God of the Christian church. It should now become clear to the strongest Jewish opponents of Christianity that Christianity per se imposes limitations, and that the greatest crime against our people was not committed in the name of the Christian faith”.

Today in the West, the Judeo-Christian heritage is routinely disparaged and ridiculed and assumed to be obsolete by many or worse, as the central problem for which Western civilization should repent.  It is good to hear a voice of sanity. Flusser was a friend of Christians. Pray for those who would undermine the foundations of Western thought.

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