Worship Wars aren’t Over; Bart Ehrman; Mark Dever; Tom Nettles; Verge Network on Multi-site; and much more

Weekend Links

The Glory of Green (Lake Geneva, WI)
The Glory of Green (Lake Geneva, WI

My bride is away this week and next visiting the wonderful woman who gave here birth and the house is lonely without her and her beautiful smile lighting up the room. Yesterday, I went for a twenty mile bike ride, pretty good for a fat tire bike weighing 40 pounds powered by a man my age. After a cool down and shower, it was off to the hospital for visitation and gospel proclamation. I met three lonely figures without family who are facing difficult days. Pray for Donna, Corrine, and Patricia. Today it was cutting the lawn and planting more carrots that occupied my time.

The links below are from my reading this week. Some very interesting ones related to the state of contemporary worship in evangelical churches. As always, presence doesn’t mean endorsement. But I hope all of them help you think about the beauty of Christ.

Better Engagement with Ministry

The Gospel is for Everyone: What We Mean by “One holy, catholic church”  (Mark Dever —clearing up Protestant confusion.)
Are We Headed for a Crash? Reflections on the Current State of Worship Ministry  (Thoughtful and helpful for worship pastors and and senior pastors alike and the whole church.)
Changes in Pastoral higher Practices  (Rainer on Leadership. Important information for elder boards to process.)

Doctrine:  How Jesus Became God: A Review  (Theologians from down under challenge Bart Ehrman’s conclusions and offer alternatives. Excellent review and expose of Bart Ehrman)

Better Thinking About Ministry

I Think You Need to Read Romans 8:29 Too  (Tribute post to the retiring Dr. Tom Nettles from Southern Seminary. God give us more pastors, profs, and leaders like him.)
Monday is for Missiology: Making Disciples  (Ed Stetzer, always thought provoking and well researched.)
The Bible has Power  (Powerful article and story about the power of the Bible to change lives.  Dad’s this is one for you.)
Why They Don’t Sing in Church Anymore  (From the director of the film, WHEN GOD LEFT THE BUILDING.)

Better Thinking about Worship

Seven Ideas for Leading Multi-Site Worship  (Verge Network)
What is the Real Problem with Evangelical Worship  (Things we need to think about.)
Worship Music is Horrible. And It Should Stay That Way  (

Ending Abortion

The Washington Post is super confused About Where Babies Come From  (The Federalist —read it, pray for the end of abortion, act locally to change hearts.)

For Fun and Health and Goodness

Eye Twitching Causes and Remedies (I have had this problem recently, and found out it is pretty common)
Plan a Trip to This War Memorial Soon
10 Snacks and Foods that Men Who Want to Lose Some Pounds Need to Add to their Diet (I’m going to work on these foods and ideas.)

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