Better Politics, Better Culture, Better Ministry, More Fun and the End of Abortion all in your next click

Amazing, but my desk looks relatively organized!
Amazing, but my desk looks relatively organized!

Weekend Links

About to begin a very busy season of ministry and my blog posts might be fewer in number for a week or so. The links below are some of the most interesting things I read this week. Sometimes, I think that’s what I am, a professional reader. Enjoy.

Better Engagement with Politics and Culture

Nearly Every Mass Shooting in America in the Last 20 years Involved One of These and It Wasn’t a Weapon  (Provocative article that questions what we really ought to concerned about if we want to stop the insane violence of our culture.)
Black is Ugly, White is Beautiful: What?  (INSANITY!  People, stop following the dictates of media. Be and like who God made you to be. God loves diversity. He loves it. Get it through your head. If you are black, love it.  If you are white, love it. If you are somewhere inbetween, love it. And stop comparing yourself  as if the Potter made a mistake.)
Five Ways Liberals Hurt the Poor  (A religion that isn’t conerned about the poor, the marginalized, the hurting, the broken, the immigrant is a religion that Jesus abhors.  But the liberal approach is all slogan and dependence rather than substance and advance.)
Richard Dreyfuss Defends the American Constitution and Exceptionalism  (Bet you didn’t expect this!)

Better Ministry and Better Ministry Thinking

Why I Filmed My Abortion  (Short article on the how to respond to internet sensation Emily, and the filming of her abortion.)
Seven Differences Between Galilee and Judea in the First Century  (Helpful in your study of the life of Christ.)
Oneness Pentecostalism: An Analysis (Fred Sanders:  An important article for all of us who worship the triune God.)
Do Our Church Services Train People to be Passive about thier Faith?  (Good question.)
Be the Change You Want to See in the World and in Your Church: Appearances  (4 min. video of the difference appearance makes with regard to whom we show compassion.)

When You are Struggling for Joy (David Mathis and Desiring God.)
Wednesday’s Word from Paul Tripp  (An excellent short article on the effects of media on our holiness.)

Same Sex Attraction in the Church  (Good counsel of standing for the truth and counseling well.)
When My Daughter Said She Was Gay  (Heartbreaking article from a pastor in Christianity Today. Good counsel on trusting God in the process of loving prodigals.)

Ending Abortion

Another Story of Why Mark Kirk Needs to be Replaced as an Illinois Congressman
Child Sacrifice with a Smile  (More evidence of the decay and disgust of our culture. “Oh God, forgive us.”)
We Pushed Sex Education on Kids to Create a Market for Abortion  (Former Abortion Clinic operator confesses the grim reality.)

 For Fun and Health

John Piper on Why He Exercises Regularly  (Edifying short article on the benefits to ministry and life to a regimin of exercise.)
The Arrogance of Ignoring Our Need for Sleep  (

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