Why Aren’t You Listening?

Here is a link you will not want to miss if you have any suspicion that you are swimming in a sea of information and making relatively little progress in your growth in grace. 

Life TogetherBonhoeffer’s Life Together is one of those small books that is worth reading over and over. For about 30 years, I have tried to read it once a year, sometimes twice. Yesterday, I ran across this post from REFORMED READER that drew out a very good application on the art of listening in community.

Too many, (too many Christians included) are so wrapped up in reading or viewing so much and learning so much “stuff” while alone, in front of a screen, (like the one you are reading from now) that we begin to devalue the process of learning in community with others. We become bad listeners, bad students, poor brothers and sisters of one another.

Ironic that you are reading this from a screen in the privacy of your own viewing port, and it and I are encouraging you to learn how to listen and learn in the public and humble setting of community.

Link Here: Why Aren’t You Listening?.  (Short but great post)

If you want to purchase Life Together here is the LINK.

5 thoughts on “Why Aren’t You Listening?

  1. Jesus modeled for us that discipleship is best practiced in spiritual community. This spiritual community was created to be ongoing as the future disciples would gather in an entity the church. I wonder if we have missed Christ’s intention of what this ecclesia (assembly of called out ones) would look like when we gather.


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