Thinking about Multi-ethnic Ministry

Diversity 2Friday is  for Heart Songs

“The disappearance of nations would impoverish us no less than if all people were made alike, with one character, one face. Nations are the wealth of mankind, they are its generalized personalities: the smallest of them has its own particular colours, and embodies a particular facet of God’s design.”

—Alexander Solzhenitsyn, Nobel Prize Speech

“Part of what drives my vision is . . . the concept that ‘every culture and ethnicity, every socio-economic and even political group sees both more and less of God and His will because of the spectacles with which they approach the Scripture and life.’ That principle causes us to value different perspectives as well as to have a healthy suspicion about our own and others’ interpretation both of the Scripture and culture. It causes us to cultivate a Berean-like heart (Acts 17:10-15), not only with regard to the Scripture but also as it pertains to ethnicity and culture.”

—Marty Schoenleber, Jr. in
A Heart for the Community, (Moody Press, 2009), 356.

God loves diversity.

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