Worthless Activities in Our Churches

SnoringIs preaching a worthless activity in our churches? 

Why do we devote so much time to it each week when so few pay any attention to what preachers preach?  

Oh our congregations listen, they pay attention to listening, they tolerate our droning, and teaching, and preaching, and impassioned exhortations. Many appreciate the effort we make. They value the clarity of our presentation, the truths to which we point, the orthodoxy of our doctrine. It is not uncommon to hear their affirmative amens, or their laughter at our humor, and appreciation of our stories. 

There is much that the congregation gains from a week-to-week, paragraph by paragraph, consistent exposition of the word of God. The faithful preaching of the word of God does much to inform in the truth, strengthen in sorrow, encourage in weakness, empower and embolden believers to defend the faith. Nevertheless, our people are weak in applying on Monday what was taught on Sunday morning. Which is where the video below comes in.

Last week, the small group I’m a part of at Trinity Church was studying Francis Chan’s THE FORGOTTEN GOD. We were on lesson 3, half way through when the workbook instructed us to turn on the video. When the video was finished, seven very convicted people (myself included) entered into an insightful discussion about the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives.

See if this video from Francis Chan, chapter 3 of THE FORGOTTEN GOD workbook and video curriculum is on target for your church. And then see the link after the video for an idea that may be a step in the right the direction.

And if you want to start to change what is happening in your church, here is a great idea from Church for Men.

3 thoughts on “Worthless Activities in Our Churches

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    Your brother in Christ Dave

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