Neil DeGrasse Tyson: N-word; Global Warning Costs; Hipster Elites; World Vision; Too Friendly Jesus and more

Weekend Links

AristotleRelaxing day off with my bride. Lazy, resting, refreshing. Some good, really good links below. Hope they are helpful. As always, inclusion doesn’t mean endorsement of all that is them.

“Those who wish to succeed must ask the right preliminary questions.”
—Aristotle in
Metaphysics, II, (III), i.

Better Interaction with Culture and Politics

Why is Neil Degrasse Tyson so Lonely?  (First Things article by Jacob Stubbs. Thoughtful, insightful, and the foil for his questions are sourced in one of my favorite books, Walker Percy’s LOST IN THE COSMOS.)
Who Uses the N-word Most Egregiously in Politics?  (N- word follies and facts. Get the history right and stop the slander.)
Leadked IPCC Report Admits Global Warming Will Not Cost the Earth (Important balance in the Global Warming Debate)
Obama and the Hipster Elite  (Please read this!  Our public discourse and even our theological discourse is being driven by a superficial worldview that robs all of us of dignity and worth.)

Are We Missing the Point in the Movie, Frozen and Let It Go?  (Great article by Trevan Wax)

Better Thinking and Practice in Ministry

Grieving For the Children  (Trevan Wax on the World Vision decision to employ same-sex couples who are “married”.)
World Vision Reverses Decision on Gay Marriage  (Good news, great news, answered prayer and yet it doesn’t solve the problem completely. How could they have ever considered the first decision to be right?)
If All Religions are True, God is Cruel (Gospel Coalition—inclusivism is enticing and deadly.)
Pagan Propitiation vs Biblical Propitiation (A Theology of the Atonement—God’s people need to think better on the issue. Here’s help.)
Starting, Staffing, and Supporting Multi-Site Churches  (Ed Stetzer–important article for multi-site churches and those contemplating and praying about becoming a multi-site church.) 

How a Too-Friendly Jesus Could Lead to Universalism  (In general, American Christians do not think doctrinally; they think emotionally. And as a result, there is considerable muddle around a whole host of issues. This is a great piece that on the surface is clarifying a position of same-sex marriage but goes well beyond that in in its implications. Good read.)
You Asked: Does God Harden the Believer’s Heart  (Gospel Coalition — Thinking hard about the Scripture.)

Better Devotional Practice

8 Causes of Spiritual Depression and their Remedies  (Fine article on the afflictions that dog our souls from time to time. Short but helpful.)
The Third Year Tithe (T.M. Moore–too often overlooked.)


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