Church Discipline: A Case Study

Unfortunately, these kind of issues never go away this side of heaven. it’s one of the reasons we pray that God’s will would be done, “on earth as it is in heaven.”

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A Case Study in Church Discipline

Leaving for a week of vacation in South Carolina with my brother Karl and his wife Dawn. Stephnie and I are looking forward to spending time together with two of our favorite people in all the world. We haven’t had a week off in some time and for the last four months have only been together for more than four days at a time once. In other words, my posting may be sparse for a couple of days—unless I feel like posting parts of messages already written.

Let me throw out a case study for Friday:

heartacheFormer parishoner X is under church discipline. They walked out on their spouse and family. They have rejected all overtures from all members of the congregation, show no signs of repentance and in fact, have said that they no longer believe in God and are “finished with the…

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