It is a Scandal That No One Knew

Sunday Afternoon Musings

According to USA Today . . .

Lonely People body of the woman, who was in her 40s, was discovered Wednesday in the backseat of a Jeep, parked in the garage of a house on Savanna Drive, according to the Oakland County Sheriff’s Office.

Undersheriff Mike McCabe said investigators believe that the woman has been dead since at least 2008. That’s the same year the license plate on the Jeep expired.

“She had $54,000 in her account and her bills were being deducted,” McCabe said. “Eventually the money ran out and her house went into foreclosure.”

This is a tragic and sad story at so many levels. For six years no one she knew at work thought about checking on her. No children sought her out. No parents or friends searched for her. The bank had no reason to wonder. The electric and water company bills were all paid on time. The landscaping company cashed their checks and did their work just feet away from where a woman breathed her last breath. 

Was she murdered? Did she have a heart attack? Did she commit suicide?  

Investigations will tell but there is another tragedy, another scandal, another sad and embarrassing aspect to the whole heartbreaking and unfortunate incident. 

This was a community in Pontiac, Michigan. But my fear is that it could have been a community in any suburb, or any community, rural or urban in America because American communities may be many things but most of them are most definitely NOT communities. There are too many communities that are mere collections of houses with little real friendship, care, and involvement in one another’s lives.  The average neighbor doesn’t know his closest neighbors. 

The biggest shame to me, the biggest and most tragic part of the story for me is the absence of a servant of God from the story line.  Did the nameless, mummified, 6-years-dead 40-year-old woman in the garage not know any of God’s servants? You know the ones I’m talking about.

  • The ones sent by him to go into all the world and preach the gospel?
  • The ones entrusted with the ministry of reconciliation?
  • The ones sent to seek and serve the lost like their master?
  • The ones sent to demonstrate their love for Him by loving one another and their neighbor as they do themselves?

Did none of God’s people know her? Did none of them care? Was it so easy to write her out of their lives? 

Is that what it means to love your neighbor as yourself?

I don’t think so.

Let me put it bluntly.

It is an embarrassment to the cause of Christ, to the churches of America, to the cross itself, that we, the people of God would allow people to slip into eternity without noticing their passing. 

We must stop waiting for people to come to us. We must seek them out, love them better and care for them more deeply than the trinkets and trifles they spend their short span of days on.

It’s why we are here.  To bring Him glory by telling the world about Him before it is too late.

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