Greenpeace Defection; Chemist Defection; Protection from Greed; Fact Checking Atheists; and more

Weekend Links

Citizens_Bank_ParkMajor defections from the science community from the progressive politically correct worldview. Truth always eventually wins out. Today I’m working on messages for March and April. Speaking of April,  . . . just 22 days till the start of the Major League Baseball season. Even baseball haters have to be overjoyed at that sign of Spring after the winter we’ve had.

Better Thinking about Cultural and Political Issues

Would Jesus Bake a Cake for a “Gay-Wedding?”  (Sound words combatting the mushy thinking being done by some Christians on the issue.)

World Famous Chemist Tells the Truth: “There is no scientist alive who understands macroevolution.”  (Academic bullying keeps this truth carefully under wraps but eventually the truth will win out. Unfortunately, it may not happen before judgment day.)
Greenpeace Co-Founder: “There is no scientific evidence for man-made global warming.”  (Testimony before the Senate.  Don’t hold your breath on your senators having the guts to go against the media on this one.)

Better Thinking about Ministry

Multi-site Churches are Here to Stay  (Ed Stetzer—good current thinking and help on being “one church in many locations.”)
What We are Saying When We Don’t Preach the Gospel (Important article.)
Seven Indicators Your Church is Filled with Fake Christians (Not for defensive Christians.)
How Was Jesus a Friend of Sinners?  (There is much good and much nonsense being taught around this concept. Kevin DeYoung does his usual thorough job of thinking thru what the Scripture says and doesn’t say in this short article.)

John Piper on Protecting Yourself from Greed  (Short, passionate and right on point.)
Do We Still Need the Local Church?  (Jim Elliff—another good article.)

Devastating Arguments Against Christianity. NOT!  (Fact checking the arguments of atheists against Christianity. Good stuff)
Young, Restless and No Longer Reformed. (Review by Kevin DeYoung: Excellent book review of a recent attack on Calvinism. Important.)

Family Equipping Ministry  (Churches for too long have followed the culture (and Dewey) on the training and nurture of children. It’s time to rethink the equipping of families in the equipping of their children. Here’s some help.)

Just for Fun

What Do Foreign Travel Agents Tell People Coming to America  (Some of these are quite comical and revealing.)

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