Amazed by the Love of God

Why isn’t our joy in being loved by a holy God overwhelming? Why is it that this Austrian boy receiving a pair of shoes in World War II shows more joy than we do in the overwhelming awareness that we are loved by an almighty, magnificent, righteous judge who is also loving, merciful and compassionate?

Look at the boys face. Look at his feet. Look at his old shoes. Look at his new shoes. Examine how he clutches them to his heart. Why do we not clutch the love of God with such passion and joy?

30-Austrian-boy-receives-new-shoes-during-WWIIIt is because our love for God is inferior.

We love because He first loved us. Which means that our love is always inferior. Not inferior because it is meager but inferior because it is a different category of love altogether. Ours is an inferior kind of love.

It is a because-of-love.

We love because God first loved us (1 John 4:19). God’s love for us just IS.

He loved us before we loved Him and there is nothing in us that makes us lovable to a holy God.

We, the undeserving are loved by the All-Deserving-One. Uncaused by anything in us, completely sourced in the immensity of His own heart, God’s love flows to us from the the lowness of a makeshift bed in a manger, from the majestic height of a torturing cross, and from the brow of thorned and bleeding head. Oh the depths of the mercies and love of God! Who can fathom it? Who can do anything but bow in amazement and worship.

“Oh Father, mesmerize my heart with the wonder of Son’s sacrifice.
By the power of Your Spirit, emerse my heart in the wonder of being loved
by the Triune Creator of the Universe. Overwhelm me with Yourself
that I might walk these days with You and for You
so that others can come to know You.
In the righteousness and promise of life that is in Christ,
I ask this. Amen.”

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