Reading for Life Change; Seven Problems of Activity; Prodigals Speak Out; Ending Abortion

Melting Snow

Okay, I know, more snow is coming this weekend. And yes I know, they are predicting a cooler summer this year because of the ice on the all the Great Lakes. But, spring is coming and I am going to rejoice in melting snow revealing grass underneath the fields of white we have been looking at for two months. Meanwhile, you might stimulate your thinking about ministry with the following links. Enjoy.

Thinking about Ministry

Seven Problems with the Activity Driven Church  (Thom Rainer—the danger of activity is that it seduces us into thinking we are significant and productive when the activity itself might keep us from both.)
You are What and How You Read (Gospel Coalition—Read well. Read good books. Read great minds. Read great theology.)
The Joy of Theological Reading Groups  (Gospel Coalition—I have thought about doing this kind of thing myself. This is encouraging.)
Put Yourself in the Path of God’s Grace  (Desiring God Ministries—why would we want to be in any other place?)
Letting Prodigals Come Home (Abraham and John Piper write about how to minister to prodigal sons and daughters.)

I Hope My Son’s Life is in Danger (A great story about the power of the gospel and a model of how to teach your children. Side note: a great reason to have children, even small children, in the worship service of the church.)  Don’t miss this.

Your Church Isn’t Doing Enough to End Abortion  (Convicting, challenging and right on target.)

Five Positive Facts about the New Movie “Noah” 

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