Jesus Didn’t Rescue You Because You are Good

Living passionately for and like Jesus starts with being mesmerized with the gospel truth that, undeserving as we are, we are loved, LOVED by God.

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He Rescued You Because He Loved You

Joseph Brennan DesignsI am reading a book, that while helpful, periodically states things in not just a provocative way but in unguarded and biblically unbounded ways. Writing of the apostle Paul’s conversion, the author is beyond the bounds of orthodox belief when he states: 

“Of course, Paul has the freedom to reject ‘the offer he can’t refuse,’ just like all of us. God is rolling the dice on him, counting on something he sees in Paul’s heart that lurks underneath all his blustering self-righteousness.”

I read those words and immediately thought, “That is not the gospel.”  That is heresy

The gospel is not God seeing something in us that is praise worthy or valuable for the Kingdom and saving us on the basis of that foresight.  The gospel is God’s declaration that

though all of us have sinned and fallen short of his glory,

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